Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Perfect Birthday

My birthday has come and gone. I was actually bracing myself for the worst but was pleasantly surprised to have had a very good birthday. Guess turning 34 is not so bad after all and with such a great start, the future seems very promising.

It is also my tenth anniversary. 10 whole years of being Mrs. ADD! Wow! But that's another story. :)

Throughout the day I was inundated with texts, phone calls and FB messages of wonderful birthday wishes. ADD and the kids were wonderful right till the end. They were all behaving beautifully and went out of their way to pamper me with as much TLC as I had ever received. ADD gave me a huge bouquet of roses (he knew I preferred lilies but could not for the life of him tell the florist the name of that flower as he had forgotten what it was called) and the kids made wonderful home made cards. Never saw that coming! lol

ADD told me to kick back and relax the entire day and took upon himself to feed and look after the kids the entire day. I got to nap not once but 3 times throughout the day. Over 2 hours each time too! I'm not sure if we could call that nap but whatever...I am a very happy camper. :P

In the evening he took us out to dinner at my favourite restaurant where the children had also behaved beautifully. After the kids was safely tucked into their beds and snoring away, I had some alone time to watch the longest lunar eclipse to date and what a spectacular show was that! A perfect ending to a perfect day.

I guess I got my birthday wish after all. I got time off and had enjoyed me. By being able to do so, I had enjoyed everything around me as well. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect birthday.

I feel so blessed. :))

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