Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MISSING: Black, medium sized OSN Remote.

The TV remote has gone AWOL. Last seen when Baby H snatched it away from me 2 nights ago and ran off with it. Too bad my 2 year old has the memory of a goldfish. I keep asking where she may have put it and she would stare at me, give me a serious look and offer me one of her toys or milk instead. *Sigh*.

Tried doing the whole manually changing of channels method but found it very, very cumbersome. I have thunder thighs so taking that 6 steps towards the TV from my couch would be like dragging tonnes of lead, so obviously that's not working out.

The fact is, I've been spoiled rotten by technology. Gosh, what was life like before the wonderful invention of remote or as Dearest S would say 'in the olden days'? DH said not to make a big deal over the missing remote and just suck it in and do it manually. He said if I could have done it before, surely I could do it now. This coming from a man who doesn't have the slightest interest towards watching TV. Doesn't he realize that his stay at home wife is also a professional couch potato? Besides, as far as I could recall, the last time I had to change the channels manually was over 25 years ago and at that time we only had 3 channels! In those days, I was considered very lucky to have 3 channels because I was a city dweller. The rest of the country was stuck with only 2 channels. 3 channels I could handle manually but over 3000 channels??? Only a Saint would have the patience to cope with manually scrolling 3000 channels and I ain't no Saint.

I'm seriously considering either filing a police report over my missing remote or changing my cable provider just so I'll get a new decoder with a new remote. I think TV remote control makers seriously consider inventing a remote that comes with a beeper. That would be absolutely awesome! It'll revolutionize everyone's whole TV watching experience. However, with my track record I'd probably lose the beeper too. Maybe they could do a call center that we could call everytime the remote goes missing and they could activate an alarm so we may be able to find it! Wow! That's a fantastic idea!

I'm going bonkers now. I so need my remote.

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