Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The weather is getting freakishly hot! The news reported that the temperature has gotten to a level that it is unbearable for living condition. I'm not sure what that means exactly but it sounds scary enough to me.

These days, I try at all cost to not leave the house during daytime. Not that it gets any better at night, but at least the glaring sun isn't there to add to your misery.
Went out to take the kids for their taekwondo class this morning and the car's temperature indicator thingy or whatever it is you call it showed the temperature at 40C. That was at 9.30am!

One of my greatest fear comes Summer is that the tyres of my car would burst whilst driving. Well, the other day, the temperatures soared up to 48C and that great fear materialized. Fortunately, I had stopped at a traffic light when it happen so no harm done. Phew.

Read in the news that they are expecting one of the hottest summer by far. Since it is only May, I guess the worst it yet to come. Eek. I have been told that This heat wave we are experiencing is nothing compared to Hell fire. Yikes! Must keep reminding myself to be very, very, very good. Gotta avoid it at all cost. I easily burn. ;)

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