Friday, May 13, 2011

I heart Abu Dhabi.

I feel awful for neglecting my blog for so long. Been very busy. So much has happened since my last update. I'm currently under the weather as I'm plagued with the stomach flu. Chills, purging, nausea and abdominal pain is no fun especially since AD daddy isn't around and I'm home alone with 3 kids that needs me to feed and look after them. My kids had to settle with Doritos for brekkie and lunch. Hey, desperate times require desperate measures. Besides, they are not complaining. I actually think they rather enjoy this change of menu. Beats having oatmeal! Lol!

So what's new? Dearest S was in a dance show and was later invited by the embassy for a charity dance show. She will be celebrating her 8th birthday this Sunday. Hope I've recuperated from my illness by then.

Cheeky M is cheekier than ever. There's certainly something about the 5-7yo phase. It's not as bad as the terrible twos but I would rank it to something close as that. He is testing my limits all the time these days but my only boy seriously knows how to play me. Its hard to be or stay mad at him.

Baby H is the epitome of the terrible twos. She sticks to me like glue! I love you so very much baby...but please, please, please give me some space!

I lost my Gucci wallet the other day. Dropped it in one of the shops in Marina Mall. Only realized it was gone 2 days later. I was frantic! My ID, driving license, cards and all the children's medical cards were in that wallet. Not to Gucci wallet itself! After that wallet, how could I possibly go back to some mediocre brand? The worst part was, I had made a vow to stop buying ridiculously expensive brands. I was devastated.

So I went back to the mall, albeit 2 days later, bracing myself for the worst. Entered the last shop I was in and asked the cashier if he had happen to know the whereabouts of my wallet. I was surprised when the guy exclaimed, " you're the one! My colleague hanged on to it till the end of her shift and since you didn't come back, she surrendered it to the mall manager." I was overjoyed!

I went to see the mall manager and he directed me to security. The security guys had it safely locked in their safe. Bless them all! If I was back in my home country, it's definitely sayonara wallet!

Reminds me of my first year here. I had left my brand new Limited edition LV handbag ( my one and only LV handbag I must add :p) in the ladies toilet while I was changing Baby H. Realized it was missing when I was well seated in our car. I totally freaked out! I had my passport and all the kids passports in the bag and AED2000. I ran as fast as I could back to that toilet and my heart plummeted when I saw that the washroom was full of people. I went back into the washroom and lo and behold, there was my handbag. Upfront, next to one of the sinks. None of the ladies even paid any attention to it.

It's incidents like this that makes me appreciate Abu Dhabi more. :)

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