Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Dancing Angels

I've been meaning to blog about this but just couldn't find the time (yeah yeah...excuses, excuses :p) Anyway, at the end of last term, Dearest S came up to me and told me she wanted to audition for the school's dance show. I said yeah, sure go ahead darling. But then, she didn't want to perform any random dance but an authentic traditional dance from Malaysia. Wow! The fact that she actually wanted to dance was one thing, being a self declared tomboy and all but to perform a graceful, feminine traditional dance. Seriously, to the alien that has abducted my daughter, you can keep her for awhile...let me enjoy and play with this replacement for the time being. ;)

So I gathered her friends that lived within the same compound ( I figured it would be easier logistically wise since I had less than a fortnight to train these girls.) and decided to teach them The Court  Dance, Asyik. Since childhood, I had always been fascinated by this dance. This dance is in my lineage. It was from where my family was from. It is a regal, graceful dance that is usually performed for Sultans and nobilities. Boy, was I excited.

The girls were amazing. They learned all the steps in just 3 days! Super amazing. Went for the audition and obviously aced it. Best part was, I posted their audition on Facebook and a friend from the embassy approached me and asked the girls to perform for a charity event at the embassy. The girls were thrilled!

Got some materials from Malaysia for their costumes. Got a local tailor to stitch it up for AED35 a dress. I handmade the head gears, belts , necklaces and all the accessories and voila! I had transformed the 6 girls into 6 exquisite dancing angels.

The girls performances Wowwed their audience and I had recently received and invitation for them to perform for another and actually get paid for it! Looks like I can actually look forward to early retirement! LOL! ;) I'm really proud of each and every one of them. but mostly, I'm proud of Dearest S for inspiring me with her great idea.

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