Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back again.

Here I am again at old, new blog. When I closed my old blog and decided to start this new one, I had promised myself to give it the same amount of dedication and enthusiasm as I did to my old one but I guess some promises are easier made than kept.

Now that I am back again, I've some changes. Well, actually 2 changes to be exact. Changed my blog name and my display name. Decided to go back to my old blog name, adding a little alteration. I really did love my old blog, and I guess the new one didn't feel quite right so I figure, why change a good thing. So here I am...back to 'My Thoughts or Whatever' and adding Abu Dhabi as it is where I am right now.

My new blog now feels like my old one...and it's absolutely perfect. They say third time's a let's see how this turns out. :))

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