Sunday, November 13, 2011

RIP Little One.

3 weeks ago, we found a little quail wondering around our front yard. Our home is surrounded by 6 foot walls and gate. The only way it could have entered our compound is if it flew in and since quails can't fly, weare still completely dumbfounded by how it could have gotten in.

This bird was quite a docile little creature and wasn't afraid of us. The kids were quickly taken by it and begged us to let it keep it. I am no animal lover, in fact I am not fond of them at all. I have kids and since they are already quite a handful, who needs pets?

But this little bird was different. It was fragile and delicate, I was immediately taken. Thus, it became part of our family.

The kids would feed it every morning and evening. In the evenings, when the kids were outside playing, we would release the little bird out of it's cage and let it stretch it's legs and roam around. The bird never went far and would wonder around as far as an arm's length away from us. After the kids are done playing, they would put it back in it's cage.

After a week, this little bird grew fatter and I swear, it looked happier. Call me crazy, but I just could tell that it had fallen for us as much as we did for it.

This morning, We were running late for school so I told the kids they could feed the bird later. While reversing the car, I glanced at the cage and suddenly had a bad feeling. Upon returning home, I went to the cage and the bird had disappeared. I spent half and hour going around our compound looking for it but I couldn't find it.

Then the gardener told us that he had found it's lifeless body by the cage. The bird was ripped into two. He guessed it was attacked by a cat. The gardener quickly removed it as he knew how the kids adored it and didn't want them to see what had happened to it. He was planning to bury it before the kids get back from school.

I feel sad that it is gone. I feel even sadder when I think of how frightened it must have felt before it dies and how we were not there to protect it. This little bird touched our hearts and our lives and we couldn't be there for it when it needed us the most.

I am sorry little bird. Truly, deeply sorry. You will be missed. Rest in peace little one. :(

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