Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tournament, test and an assessment.

The one thing I look forward to most each week are the weekends. Weekends in Abu Dhabi starts on Friday and ends on Saturday unlike elsewhere where it is Saturday and Sunday. In Islam, Fridays are considered an Eid day. It is the most auspicious day in the Islamic calendar and most Muslim countries adopts this day as a day to devote themselves to prayers, wind down and rest. Most shops in Abu Dhabi remains close and only opens themselves for business from 4pm till late.
I look forward to Fridays as I would fully utilize it for resting. I wake up late and since everywhere is usually closed, I have no reason at all to get up early. It's my break day from my usual 5am onwards schedule. Absolute bliss.
However, this week I had to fore go my weekend break for the sake of (who else?) the kids. Sarah had insisted on taking part in a tennis tournament scheduled for Friday and which means I had to be there by 8.30am to register her. So having committed myself to my child, my Friday proved to be no respite for me. I woke up at 6am, which was a bad mistake as I ended up rushing everything and everyone in order to be at the courts by 8.30am. Made breakfast that everyone got to eat, except for myself as I had to use that extra minutes to get myself ready after making sure everyone was ready.
The tournament was, well let's just say it was interesting. Big girl had enjoyed herself despite not making it into semi-finals. Her performance wasn't her best but I guess the important thing was that she had loads of fun. I'm glad at least someone was having fun. I spent the time minding my other squabbling duo, M and H. I lost count on how many time outs I had given them. In between time outs and threats, I was also attacked by tennis balls. Must remember to wear a helmet the next time I decide to come to one of these things.
Saturday morning was lost in a haze of screaming, getting the kids out of bed and ready, making breakfast and running around looking for uniforms and belt. Both S and M had their green stripe taekwondo exam today. I am happy to report that both did very well and now the proud owners of a yellow belt with a green stripe. Another level up for them in the world of martial arts. S performed well and did try hard while M, well, I strongly feel that he had earned his stripe from the examiner due to cuteness alone. At least he tried to put a very serious face during the test which magnified his cuteness. IMO, a stripe is a stripe regardless how he earned it.

Now tomorrow, just as I thought of giving a sigh of relief from the hectic weekend, I received that dreaded email summoning little H for an assessment to get into school the following academic year. Baby is a wonderfully happy and sociable child, at least when she wants to be that is. I am worrying myself silly right now. I really don't know what her mood will be tomorrow but I have been consistently training her throughout the weekend about what to expect and what should she do. I am not sure how much of my 'training' is she getting so I decided to throw in bribery as well. If she does well, we will go to Toys r Us and get her a Barbie Dreamhouse. The mention of the dollhouse has made her a very eager recipient of my 'training.' Taught baby to say her name and age when asked. Also told her to throw in a couple of songs to enhance the adorableness factor which hopefully would appeal to the headmistress conducting the assessment. So far, so good. Only thing is whatever she has done correctly is followed by 'You buy Barbie House, okay?' Hope she won't do that during the assessment tomorrow. Last thing I want is to create a bad impression.

Am really nervous about tomorrow but at the same time, I just can't wait to get over and done with it. Desperately in need of good luck!

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