Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's all about the money.

      My wallet's been hemorrhaging lately. As the year is coming to an end and the holidays are fast approaching, I thought I could look forward to a relaxing, no stress month. Instead, I have been ambushed left and right for money.

       For starters, the school had sent out an email requesting parent s to cough out a deposit of AED550 for a trip that the kids will be taking in March. The deposit is half the amount of the actual cost of the trip for one child. Couple of days after that, I received another email from the school for AED60 for some Vegucation (whatever that is...think it involves picking vegetables in some organic farm) trip in January. That email was quickly followed by another one for my cheeky son's year group asking us to pay AED25 for a trip to Abu Dhabi Heritage Village which he has visited countless of time and other than gas, did not cost me a single cent. I was tempted not to let him go but I don't want my child to haunt me 10 years down the road, accusing me of depriving him of a school trip with his friends that could or would have been an important life changing experience for him.

     I paid all of the above and handed the school a total of AED635. That's AED635 gone in just 2 days after my payday. During the 3 days UAE National day break, I received an email from their sporting club informing me that if I paid next terms fee before the 8th of December, I would be entitled to receive a 10 percent discount. Yeah, they made it sound like they were doing me a favor. So being a sucker for anything with the word discount tied to it, I quickly coughed out AED1500 to secure my kids a place for next term.

     Thought that was it. Chanced upon a book sale in school and ended up spending a further AED600 on books that are now sitting untouched on the kids book shelves with the other books that are still waiting to be read. Then came the many birthday parties, Christmas presents for teachers and a cake sale followed by a chocolate sale all in the name of charity. I could restrain myself and look the other way, but how could I possibly do that without setting a bad example to the children. ( I have a niggling feeling that I've already done that).

     Just as I was thinking, "when will it all end??", TAAADAAA!! The school's invoice for next term came out. Ouch!!!Yeah, sure, milk me off every penny I have, will ya? All the money going out is making me dizzy. I've already spent over half my monthly budget and I haven't even done my first monthly grocery shopping.

Baby's nursery informs me a couple of days ago that they will be taking her on a school trip to Corniche Park. The trip will cost me AED5. Sigh.

Who am I kidding? It will never end.

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