Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bunnies in da House

We have 2 new additions to our household. Hubs bought 2 little bunny rabbits for the kids. Typical of hubs to buy his way out of guilt. He had gone to Mauritius with some of his lads for a fishing holiday earlier this month. Now comes the school holidays, he is so busy with work, he has no days off to take the kids anywhere. The bunnies are his peace offering to the children so they would get off his back for not having time for them and to my annoyance, it worked!

So big girl chose a little brown and white girl bunny that she is calling Ms. Fluffy, and cheeky boy picked a chubby little grey boy bunny he named Speedo. Hubs told the kids that they have to take care of it and help me around the house, otherwise, he threatens to release them into the vicious and wild desert of Abu Dhabi. His exact words. Annoyingly again, he's scare tactic worked like a charm.

So the kids came home, ran into the house and started to help me out with everything. When they were done, they asked me to give them some homework. I didn't know that they had the bunnies outside and was immediately suspicious. Either those 2 are not my children or something was up. Knowing that no way in the world can they fool their cunning mommy, they blurted out that daddy got them bunnies and it's outside, hiding out with daddy. Grrr.

So now we have bunnies. The kids were exceptionally wonderful today. They behaved beautifully, were extremely polite and nice to each other. Helpful, charming and thoughtful. Seriously. Who the heck are these kids??? If I knew the effect the bunnies would have on my kids, I really should have gotten them sooner. However, I told them under no circumstances are these bunnies allowed into the house and no way will it be my responsibility to care for them.

So tonight, after the kids went to bed, I went out to check on Ms Fluffy and Speedo. Saw these two fur balls huddling together in their cage and shivering from the cold. Poor things. My heart went out to them. I picked up the cage and carried them into the house where it will be much warmer. *Sigh*. Broke rule number 1 already. I figure, from experience, rule number 2 will be broken soon.

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