Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy birthday little princess.

My youngest baby turned 3 today. She is growing up so fast. She is my unexpected surprise. The one who is everything that I never knew I ever wanted. My Abu Dhabi baby.

Baby is quite the little princess. She may be the youngest but I think she is the one that rules this family. Among my three, she was the easiest to handle as a baby. I don't know if the reason being was because I had more experience or she was just naturally born that way. Maybe it's a combination of both. However, as she grew older, she is also the clingiest of them all. Don't get me wrong, she is quite independent but only when she wants to be. She started walking by 11 months, started eating on her own by age 1 and could hold a pencil well by 18 months. She sleeps like clockwork, never needing to be told to sleep, she just does and still do. She is also very strong willed. Still refuses to cycle, not because she doesn't know how, it's because she just doesn't want to. She still demands for her stroller and just can't bare to be without me. She gets very possessive over me and even daddy is not allowed to touch me whenever she is around.

When I was pregnant with baby, I had managed to lose over 20lbs prior to her pregnancy. I was overly concern about my appearance and was just starting to enjoy shopping again. My body was the fittest it had ever been. So when I got pregnant with her, my extreme vanity was just me getting carried away from my newly formed habit. I needed to get my hair washed and blow style every other day. I shopped for new clothes at least once a week throughout my pregnancy. I was obsessed with my skin ( with her I was absolutely radiant!) Both my older children, although are momma's child, they loved being with their dads. They jumped at going out with daddy if the opportunity arises. I kept telling everyone, this one's mine. She is going to be Mommy's little girl. You know the saying 'be careful what you wish for'? Well, this time I got my wish.

Baby's vain about her looks. Even at a tender age, she s fanatic about matching and wearing the prettiest of dresses. She loves her dresses and her skirts. Can't stand pants. Everything about her must be pink and princessy. She hates a change in routine and can't stand being without mommy. You could try bribing her anything under the sun but if Mommy's not there, she won't budge. She just refuses to leave my sight. Gets to me sometimes.

Baby was 2 weeks late when I delivered her. It was the coldest time of winter when she came out. She was 2 days short of being a full 42 weeks inside me and no matter what I did to jump start the labor, my little girl just didn't want to come out. That should have been a big clue of what I was to expect later. I had to threaten the doctor to get her out of me ASAP, otherwise I'd go in and yank her out myself. Lol.

Although the longest labour, it is the easiest labour that I had to endure. My little princess came into the world on a Saturday, 20th of February 2008 at 7.30 pm, weighing at a healthy 3.65kg. Till today, I still don't know if she is a type O blood like her daddy or a type B like me or her older siblings. She looked exactly like the other 2 but had the most gorgeous dimples on her face. Even the nurses kept commenting on her dimples.

Gosh, feels like it wasn't too long ago that I had given birth to her. Can't believe she has turned 3. Happy birthday my little princess, who makes me melt every time she flashes me her
fantastic smile. I lobe watching you grow and can't wait to see you blossom into your fullest potential. Don't grow up too fast baby, I still need you to be my little girl. Mummy loves you, now and forever. :)

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