Saturday, December 17, 2011

The One Who Left a Hole in my Heart.

While Googling advertisement for maids, I stumbled into Dubai Sally's blog. It's a journal about her life as a house maid. Despite being badly written, I find her writings compelling, inspiring, thought provoking and touching, all at the same time. I feel she is a very interesting person and wonder if by chance, had her working for me, would I be able to get to know her as the person she is in her blog or would she just be someone who helps me at home?

Throughout my childhood I was raised by a legion of maids. The one whom I really got to know was our last maid who is still with my mom till today. I remembered helping her write letters to her children. I remembered knocking on her door, begging her to let me sleep in her room at night because I was scared. I remembered her covering up my mistakes so I would never be caught. Yet, as I grew older, that bond we had when I was a child started to grow further apart, and she changed in my eyes from mother substitute to becoming hired help. The affection I had for her is no longer there. Yes, I do care about her but I no longer see her as part of the family as I busied myself with moving on with my life.

Before I came to Abu Dhabi, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful maid. She was more than a maid to me, she became my friend. Hubs was very busy back then. Busy with his work and his life. Sometimes, it was like he did not exist. My maid, Sutik and I were like kindred spirits. We knew each other thought and could finish each other's sentence. We had so much chemistry between us. I stopped introducing her as my maid and would tell people that she is my sister instead. If either of us was feeling bored, we would think up things to do together like hanging out in the park, catching a movie, getting ourself coffee and even try out new restaurants together. The children was very attached to her as well. She was the sunshine in our home. Bringing us love, happiness and laughter with us.

I had begged her to come with me to Abu Dhabi. Her family was against it but I knew it in my heart that she wanted to go. I was banking on that alone and didn't beg hard enough. We cried so hard the day we left. She told me to try and be more patient with children and care for them well. She was the children's refuge when I become all Monster Mom with them. I feel sad that they now have no one to turn to when I am in one of my moods. I took her words to heart and vowed to be a better mom.

I heard she has now left, got married and have a child of her own. I have no idea how to reach her now. I wish I could have her back in my life. When I left her to move to Abu Dhabi, I had unknowingly let her leave a hole in my heart. Good help is hard to find, but there is no replacement for a friend that has touched your heart. I miss her everyday. May our paths cross again one day.

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