Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cat in the family.

My kids drives me bonkers and if I wasn't madly in love with each one of them, I would have put them up for auction. IMO, they look pretty cute, could make me some serious $$$. lol!

Dearest S has been pestering me for a pet since ages ago. When you are a mom of 3, the last thing you need is to care for another living creature. She gave me the usual 'I promise I'll take care of it and feed it and clean it yadda yadda yadda...' Yeah right. There is no fooling me. I know in the end it'll be me taking care of the darn creature.

Anyway, one day Dearest S announced, "Guess what Mommy? I've adopted a cat." What does she mean by she adopted a cat? " It's been living on the balcony of my room and I have been giving it water,"she says. "Can I feed it? It's really hungry." I didn't want to encourage either her or the cat and told her to shoo it away. "But we can't shoo it. I've adopted it. It didn't cost a cent!" Like that makes any difference.

Then she pulled my hand to show me the cat and I thought "okay...I'll humor my child and when she is at school tomorrow, I'll chase it away." Then proudly, she pointed her cat to me with a "Ta daa". It was an ugly little thing. Seriously. It was scrawny and longish. It had this funny horsey face. It looked quite pitiful. Then dearest S exclaimed, "He's beautiful isn't he Mommy?" And just like that, my heart jumped to my throat. Dearest S was absolutely infatuated with this mongrel of an animal. I then went to the kitchen and offered the little beast my can of tuna in sunflower oil. I have been feeding it ever since. Sigh.

I'm such a sucker for my dearest S. Hope I've toughen up 10 years down the road when she brings home a human, male mongrel home. :)

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