Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Homewrecker in da House!

Home wrecker. That's what I call Baby H these days. She moves like a hurricane throughout the house. She's made it her mission in life to create visual chaos in our home. I'm fighting a losing battle here in my pursuit to keep the house spic-and-span.

I should really feel comforted that this habit of hers only applies to our home. When I take her to other people's home, she tends to keep her hands to herself and refrains from touching things that she knows doesn't belong to her.

But its really frustrating to see my home turned upside down. She has claimed rights to everything in our household from toys to deco to electric appliances. One time, I had wanted to clean up some crumbs off the floor. I took out the broom and the dustpan and she went completely berserk! She screamed "My! My! My" while trying to wrestle the broom away from me.

Another time, while I was cooking, I had to blend some ingredients. I opened my cupboard containing my kitchen appliances and to my surprise, the space was empty! She had taken out every single appliance put it in a plastic bag and shove it underneath Cheeky M's bed.

Photographs are still missing from several photo frames and ADD's carton of cigarettes have yet to be found.

She hangs every single hangable things on her little toy stroller, from ladles to my LV handbag. I cringe to see her drag my precious handbag across the carpet of the living room but I rather put up with that then face the wrath of her temper.

I hope it's a phase and one that she'll outgrow soon.

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