Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello Foggy Mornings!

Lately, we've been experiencing foggy mornings here in Abu Dhabi. That's a sure sign that the cooler season (or 'winter' as it is called here) is fast approaching. Abu Dhabi in the cooler months is fantastic. It's perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. As you can expect Abu Dhabi to be sunny all year around, the cooler months will see a drop in temperature which would be convenient to enjoy the outdoors on a nice breezy, sunny day. The 'winter' here is pretty much like summer in Europe. The day temperature is around 24C and the nights about 13C. Pretty perfect in my opinion.

I spent much of my first winter here in confinement as I had given birth to Baby H. She was almost 2 weeks overdue and I had her 2 days before my 40th week of pregnancy. My obstetrician insisted I waited till the 40th week but I had threaten if he did not take this child of me ASAP, I'd go in and yank her out myself. It was towards the end of December, when the temperature in Abu Dhabi drops to its lowest and waddling around weighing almost 90kg and dressed in layers was affecting my mobility. I just got tired of my 'handicap'. However, I manage to experience Abu Dhabi National Day which occurs in November and witness the street party and spectacular fireworks display. I even went to the Al Ain zoo to jump start labour. It's a massive place and has a wonderful picnic area for the children to run about. Spent the entire day there and walked so much I finally felt contractions kicking in. Went to the doctor the next day anticipating labour only to find out I was only 1cm dilated and then nada. The contractions just stopped. Hmph. Should have walked the entire 160km distance from our place to Al Ain instead.

After confinement, we went for the Al Ain Aerobatic Show. Holding a barbecue underneath the zooming airplanes was quite an experience. However, after the nth aerobatic plane overhead, oohing and aahing for the childrens sake became quite tiresome. LOL. We had spent the last of the cooler months enjoying the lovely Corniche beach and the now defunct Lulu Island. Abu Dhabi Government's decision to turn the beautiful island to another commercial hub is really disappointing. We even manage to spend a few days in the very scenic Fujairah Emirate enjoying the multiple colored mountains and scenic Arabian sea at the very end of the 'winter' season.

Last year's 'winter' was much spent exploring Dubai and Abu Dhabi itself. We made another trip visiting the Al Ain zoo which had a new attraction; The Dino Trail. It's like you've stepped into the past and the dino's were all so real and lifelike I was quite intimidated. The kids had lots of fun though.

Some of the reason I've grown so attached to Abu Dhabi can be much credited to its winter season. The kids try to spend as much time as they could outdoor. It's a safe and wonderful environment for the children and I'm already looking forward to what's in store this coming winter!

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