Sunday, October 17, 2010

UAE Driving License - Part 2

Yay! I'm finally registered. After I got my documents in order, went back to the RTD and did the necessary go rounds and I'm in their files. Next step is to attend the compulsory 8 hours classes and I'm set for the theory exams.

Elated having registered, I went to the RTD's driving school to book for classes. Again, I had to register and dealt with the most unpleasant woman I have ever encountered. I was standing in front of her like an idiot and she ignored me completely as she was busy texting on her BlackBerry. The security woman gestured for me to hand her my forms. When I handed her my form, she glanced at me, paused, and continued texting. After at least 10 seconds, she took the forms from my hand with the most insincere smile plastered on her face. This woman just mumbled some questions and I had a hard time trying to comprehend what she had to say.

She said something about driving school, and I told her that I am just registering. Then she asked "graduate?" Which I assume was related to the driving school and I said it is my first time here. She then continued, "Secondary?" and embarassed I laughed and I said, "Oh you meant education? Yes I'm a graduate." She rolled her eyes and I swear under her breath muttered "Stupid."

That really made my blood boil over and under another circumstance I would given her a piece of my mind. But alas, I was under her mercy as she is connected to the RTD and I desperately needed my driving license. So I had no choice but to endure.

After I registered, she asked for my training license. Told her I had none. She repeated her question and said "White card. Where is it?" I didn't have a clue to what she was saying and told her I wasn't given any white card. She handed me my forms and said "Go back and get your card." She didn't even bothered explaining and dismissed me. The nerve of this woman. The kindly security lady approached me and explained that when I open file, I should have been given a white card. So I had to go back to where I opened file to ask for my white card.

When I went back, the women there told me that the machine was broken and to come back next week for my card. Grr.

Went back to the unpleasant woman and told her that the machine was broken and with the biggest of sighs, she reluctantly took back my forms. Rudely asked if I had paid (duh...besides having only 4 people in line, she gave me the last of her change, she should have remembered me) and I told her that I had. Then she told me to wait until my number was called. The b*tch. Pardon my french.

My number was called after a 10 minute wait and I went to another counter. The woman was wearing a niqab but even behind her niqab I could see her giving me the most genuine of smiles. Her eyes light up and I instantly warmed up to her. She was a very gentle and soft spoken lady and kindly asked my details and explained the cost and classes available. I told her I couldn't decide now as I did not know when my husband is available ( I needed him to watch Baby H when I am at class.) She nodded understandingly and told me to come the very next day. Her kindness and gentleness made up for all the crap I had to endure earlier.

Returned the next day and the lady in niqab beamed in recognition when she saw me. This woman is a gem! Unfortunately, she was busy and the lady at the next counter attended to me. If the first lady was awful, and the second lady was kind, this one was definitely a cross between the two. She was very abrupt and extremely loud. She gave me a few available dates but I told her I couldn't as my husband wasn't around. She then insisted I choose among the dates given but I told I couldn't. I had to explain that my husband wasn't around and gave her my available dates instead. She mellowed down a bit after that, looked at my dates and accommodated to my request. When at first she scowled, she later gave me a kind smile and handed me my manual as I left. How confusing.

So now I'm in the system and am scheduled for classes. I still don't have my white card and plan to get it when I go for one of the classes. Hopefully the machine will be fixed by then. The manual looks quite intimidating. Looks like I've got a lot of studying to do. Sigh.

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