Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Little Steffi Graf...in the making.

This proud momma had just witnessed her darling daughter's first tennis lesson and my Dearest S definitely did me proud. I swear she's a natural pro! Well, although today's lesson only consisted of learning to hold and swing the racquet properly, I thought she did it very well indeed. However, I'm actually the last person to judge as I haven't the slightest clue about tennis nor have I ever seen a game. The name Steffi Graf came to me as a result of my Googling 'Famous woman tennis player' :P Anyway, I'm still convinced that my daughter is destined to become a famous tennis player. I'm glad that I've paved the way for her to get into this sport. Ecstatic watching her play, I've even booked lessons for Cheeky M with the coach. The coach thought he's a little young but I don't care, I was quite insistent and the coach has agreed to give him tennis lessons as well. So who knows? I may have a little Andre Agassi in the making in my hands. Aaah...these are the sort of moments that makes motherhood such a joy...:)

p/s The only reason I know Andre Agassi is because he was married to Brooke Shield. I may not know tennis, but I definitely know my celebrities! ;)

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