Thursday, October 21, 2010

Star of the Week

In the childrens' school , the most performing child from every class will be awarded 'Star of the week' each week as recognition for their hardwork. This child will receive a certificate and be able to bring home and keep the class mascot, a soft cuddly toy, for the entire week.

Cheeky M has been really excited about his class mascot, William the Bear. He is really looking forward to bringing William the Bear home. However, ever since the start of school in September, Cheeky M has yet to receive the award.

Last week, as Cheeky M got off the bus right after his classmate J whom had a huge cuddly teddy bear in his arms, he announced "Mommy look. J got Star of the Week. See that? That's William the Bear."

I knew how much he wanted to bring home William the Bear. As we were walking home, I thought that I should build up his confidence lost from the disappointment of not being Star of the Week.

"Cheeky M, are you sad that you didn't get Star of the Week" I asked.

"Yeah..." he answered.

"Why do you think you didn't get it?" I asked. "Because J got it." he answered shortly.

Oh no. I thought to myself. My darling son must be feeling so dejected that he thinks he doesn't deserve the Star of the Week.

"Yes, J got it. Isn't he lucky? He must have worked really hard to get it." I said. I then asked again, "Why do you you think you didn't get it?"

He simply answered, "Because J got it."

I was exasperated. I'm thinking, do I do this? How do I take away the disappointment my 4yo old boy is feeling and return his self confidence again.

"We both know J got it Cheeky M. But you know, you could have easily gotten it too. You deserve it too. Do you think you didn't get it because you didn't work hard enough or because you are not smart enough? You are smart and I know you work hard in school. All your friends and your teachers loves you. You're going to be the Star of the Week one of these days. Don't you worry. You'll just have to be patient. But even if you don't get it, just know that you are my Star of the Day, everyday."

Cheeky M shrugged and said,"I didn't get Star of the Week because the teacher only had one certificate and one teddy. If she has 2, then maybe I will get it." With that he took off giggling and shouted, "Mommy lets race!"

This mommy should really stop over thinking things. Life is so simple from a 4 year old's point of view. In life, sometimes you win and sometimes you don't and then you just move on. I'll start my lesson by letting Cheeky M win the race.

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  1. Yup..i agreed.Sometimes we must boost our child confident..not that they can't do it.It's just we as mom need to be more creative in developing our children self-esteem.